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Here at Countryside Alarms, we sell only non-proprietary equipment. We will will perform a Vermont Fire TQP inspection on any fire system which is not restricted by proprietary business practices.

In 1992 the Vermont Fire TQP Inspection program was established. Early on it was designed to ensure that safety equipment in Vermont buildings were working properly. Vermont established the program since state inspectors were not able to follow-up on all of the commercial buildings. As in most states, this produced ways to make money, reduce state employees, and maximize enforcement of regulations. Vermont Fire Prevention became part of Vermont Public Safety in April of 2005, allowing for greater operating budgets.

This program has served most building owners well. The majority of inspection companies are out to protect the public in their fire system inspections. But as in all programs similar to this one, there are companies which work to violate systems for the purpose of selling new equipment. For those companies, it has become a profit point to sell new equipment to allow the company employees to live on commission sales. We believe that this is not serving the public as it was intended. Inspections shall be the verification that what is installed is working. The TQP programs are to follow NFPA 72 1.4, which states that “existing equipment shall be allowed as long as it does not endanger the public.”

Beware of proprietary companies that will inspect, violate and sell a new proprietary system, holding you, the customer, hostage. The system you just bought can only be serviced by that company and no other. A number of Vermont building owners have fallen prey to this business practice. Vermont has a number of quality contractors – so if a company has to hold a customer hostage for business, maybe it is a questionable company. At Countryside, we will never exploit you in this way.

Vermont Fire System Service

  • Small Fire Systems Service Price to start $130.00
  • Small Fire System w/ Monitoring & Service Price to start $350.00