First Baptist Church of South Londonderry, burned in 2010.

Over the past 36 years, I have been saddened to see buildings of architectural beauty, history, and sentimental value ruined. These buildings had been damaged or destroyed by vandals, mother nature and fire. Over half the damaged buildings did not have any form of alarm system to provide early warning of the dangerous conditions. The majority of the buildings lacking systems were either due to poor customer education, system cost, or state authorities being overly-demanding on what is necessary. I started Countryside Alarms to better protect our communities and preserve our historic buildings for future generations.

I personally have set the mission of this company:

  1. We will educate the customer to what is available and provide a system to meet the customer’s requirements.
  2. When a fire or other public safety system is requested, we will first serve the needs of the client and meet the required state & local codes. In some buildings where a client wants an alarm system, state or local authorities will require they meet a minimum before addressing any of the client’s requests. In most cases, that involves minor changes. Where a building, due to size or occupancy, does not require any system, yet other authorities expect a minimum system, we will work to negotiate a solution to protect the client and meet the codes.
  3. Reasonable cost is critical. A system of excess does not help the public. In fact, too high a price may result in no system at all, which could be tragic. We will do our best to design within budget for both installation and future maintenance.
  4. All of our systems come in on budget with the highest of quality and workmanship.

Michael Blais, Owner