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How long will the system take to install?2017-06-05T22:10:57-04:00

Countryside can generally, within a week, provide the customer with a scheduled installation date for the near future.

The actual time it takes to install the alarm system varies on the size and complexity of your system, but most systems can usually be completely installed within one day.

Do you have to order parts for my system?2017-06-06T00:09:50-04:00

We carry, on hand, one of the areas largest inventories of all major alarm system brands. When you need parts there is generally little-to-no waiting for the parts to arrive.

How often do you raise service rates?2017-06-06T00:09:14-04:00

Countryside’s last rate increase was in 1988 and we do not foresee any changes in the near future. We try to keep the costs down for our customers.

What is the cost to service and maintain my system, after the initial purchase?2017-06-06T00:10:25-04:00

A service contract for Residential and Commercial properties is $310.00 a year. This rate is capped for a minimum of 4 years; therefore you don’t have to worry about unannounced rate increases.

Do I have to test my system?2017-06-06T00:12:12-04:00

No, our systems our designed so that you are not required to test them.

However, you can also test your alarm system to verify proper functioning of the devices, if you should choose. The whole process only takes a few minutes and it can be done anytime day or night. Click Here for instructions on how to test your system yourself.

How often does my system need to be tested?2017-06-06T00:13:24-04:00

The alarm systems are pre-programmed to auto test themselves each week. Our service technicians will also do a yearly test and service to all alarm systems that are covered by a service contract. Click Here for instructions on how to test your system yourself.

What happens if my phone lines are down, disabled or tampered with?2017-06-06T00:13:55-04:00

On a standard installation, which operates from your phone line, when your lines are cut you can no longer be monitored by our Central Station. As an option, to ensure that you are never without protection/monitoring Countryside was the first in the area to offer a cell phone and wi-fi system, which does not require any phone lines.

What, if anything, do I need to do with my alarm system if I sell my house?2017-06-06T00:14:24-04:00

You will need to submit a real estate property transfer certificate for your alarm system.

Vermont has two standards for this. If you sell a home for owner-occupied or vacation second home, the VT Dept. of Fire Safety Certificate of Compliance applies; this is the weaker of the state standards.  However, if a Vermont building owner who is renting or has rented is to show income generation to increase the value of the home, then this form is not what needs to be submitted.

Real Estate agents often get this wrong, so we recommend contacting Countryside for third party advice, at least.  We’re here to help owners of Vermont property understand the difference and guide them as to which form is required for their sale.

Does Countryside have the staffing needed to service my account?2017-06-06T00:14:55-04:00

Including employees in the Central Station, Technical Support and Installation Departments, Countryside has approximately 33 employees and nine service trucks operating from the South / Central Vermont Area, which assures fast service whenever you need it.

Where is Countryside located and is it area based?2017-06-06T00:16:01-04:00

Countryside is locally owned, operated and staffed in Mount Holly, Vermont. We provide service to people throughout New England including: Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Can you service large accounts?2017-06-06T00:16:29-04:00

YES, we can handle any size account.

What other businesses is your company involved in?2017-06-06T00:16:58-04:00

We specialize in security and life safety systems ONLY.

Who does the alarm system monitoring for Countryside Alarms?2017-06-06T00:17:24-04:00

Countryside has its own Central Monitoring Station. We are proud that we do not subcontract or sell our monitored accounts to outside monitoring companies. You can rest assured that when you begin your service with Countryside, you will always have Countryside assisting your needs, not someone from an answering service or a private call station.

How stable is your company?2017-06-06T00:18:03-04:00

Very stable; Countryside was formed in 1981 and has been in continuous operation since.