Are you looking to replace an existing alarm system from another company?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re working on a commercial property that you need to upgrade, then Countryside can help you do that at a very low price!  Plus, Countryside will also take the balance of the existing detection equipment and place it under a blanket equipment warranty.  A yearly monitor and service contract is required for all upgrades.

Honeywell and Silent Knight systems do not require shielded cable, and the modular design of these systems also doesn’t require excessive number of conductors out to modules and panels. We can use existing wiring, which translates into a significant savings over rewiring the entire building.

Commercial Upgrade Program

This package is for systems with six zones or less.*

Included in this package is: a keypad, a computer based control panel, wiring and installation.  Also included is: basic inspections, full detection coverage, system redesign services, panel labor (at 100%) and full panel coverage after third year. Ask about our security and environmental features that can be added to our systems.

Item Price
For Basic Properties (installation & equip.) $295
Monitor & Service per year (REQUIRED) $310