Do you have an existing alarm system with another company?
Are you dissatisfied with the service you’re receiving?
Have you experienced dropped phone calls or your alarm calls not reaching the central station?
Have you had to “hard reset” your modem for your phones to work?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our technology works on both phone and internet to connect to our Central Monitoring Station, so we don’t rely on just POTS. Countryside’s Trade Up/Trade In program is a great way for people with existing alarm systems to easily transfer their service to Countryside. We’re interested in all customers, including those who ALREADY have a system. We are happy to take on upgrades and to help you with any additional security needs.

If you have a residential property that you would like to upgrade, then Countryside will take your old system, if it is not compatible to our computer based monitoring system, and upgrade it for FREE. Plus, Countryside will also take the balance of your existing detection equipment and place it under a blanket equipment warranty.  A yearly monitor and service contract is required for all upgrades.

Residential Upgrade Program

Included in this package is: a keypad, a computer based control panel, wiring and installation. All detection devices attached to the new control panel are covered 100%.

Item Price
Control panel, first keypad, & installation $NO CHARGE
Existing wired equipment warranty $NO CHARGE
Monitor & Service per year (REQUIRED) $310