We have our customers’ life safety and best interest in mind.

Here at Countryside, we understand the importance of keeping our prices low so they are affordable. Your life safety is priceless. We want you to feel safe without breaking the bank.

Within the past 30 years, we have not had to raise our rates. Despite the current economy, and the unpredictable cost increases of insurance and phone service, it is still unlikely that will we have to increase our rates.

As our company grew, technology advanced. This advancement allowed for alarm systems to become more precise, easier to use, and now they can be easily upgraded as the technology continues to progress. We’re now able to offer our customers a full upgrade of their older system to a Countryside-monitored Honeywell VISTA system for FREE, as long as they invest in our yearly Monitor and Service Program. This new option gives us the ability to HOLD RATES for incoming customers and give consumers options! By investing in our customers’ existing alarm systems, we can control our operating costs.

Currently employing 15 technicians and our central station staff, we are surpassing our local competition. Other local alarm companies only employ 3-5 technicians and contract out their monitoring to a subcontracted company. By monitoring our own alarm systems, we omit the costs of the other company, thus further lowering our customers’ cost.