Countryside Alarms provides a 2-year warranty on all materials & labor. This warranty applies to all alarm system installations & upgrades. Furthermore, all Honeywell® and Silent Knight® products are so good that they come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts.

Unlike proprietary companies, Countryside doesn’t charge for making changes in the Honeywell and Silent Knight® system programming. Whatever changes are needed, we will program free of charge.

Countryside Alarms offers an excellent Warranty and Service Program to all of our customers. We encourage our alarm owners to utilize this program because of the great benefits and savings that come with it.

The Countryside Warranty services your alarm system for the first 24 months. Shortly before the two year warranty period is up, Countryside will give the owner the option of continuing the warranty service for a yearly fee. If you chose not to take the service contract, you will need to pay for repairs and service as needed.

The Warranty and Service Program offers the following:

  • Equipment Batteries & Labor – all equipment batteries and labor will be covered at 100% in normal use.
  • Natural Disaster Coverage – should an act of god damage the system in any way, we will pay the customer’s insurance deductible (up to $200.00) and bill the insurance company for any additional costs.
  • System Checks – done at the property at random times throughout the year (unless otherwise specified by the customer).
  • Weekly Tests – this is for all systems capable of having tests; the tests are done automatically through our electronic monitoring system at a specified time each week.
  • False Alarm Service – during the duration of the warranty, the detection of any unexplained false alarms will be serviced and adjusted, the first time it occurs. If an unexplained false alarm occurs again, then it will be replaced at no cost to the customer.
  • Quick Response Time – in the event of an emergency, the response time for any unexplained alarms will not exceed a 24-hour time period; for this reason, we do prefer to be key holders.
  • Test & Service – this is when our technicians come to the property and manually test all of the alarm equipment in your home, assuring the equipment is working properly, maintained and up to date. This also includes changing the batteries on the equipment. This occurs once you’ve have the system for 12 months. Another Test & Service should occur at the 24 month mark; however the owner must renew the Service Contract to have this service completed at no charge.